DaCori McGee: A Young Man Who Happens To Own A Camera

DaCori McGee has been hard at work as a photographer. He is based out of the Little Rock area and his work truly does speak for itself. Read more about the young man who happens to own a camera!

Tell us who you are and what you do!

My name is Cori and I don’t want to sound pretentious while talking about myself, lol. The best way to describe my current state: A young man who has the intangibles, can throw on a smile when needed, family­ orientated, turns his true friends into family and happens to own a camera.About 2 years ago, my barber pulled me aside and told me “you need this camera in your possession”. It was a Canon T2i (nice starter camera). It must have been a sign from God; I was a sophomore at UALR (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) going through depression, overall in an unhealthy state of mind. After countless hours of tutorial videos, free photoshoots, networking, and support from the people who want to see me succeed, “501PlusCori” was born. I wouldn’t say photography saved my life, but it definitely saved my degree (Business ­Finance, Spring 2016), and rebirthed my creative spirit.

What is the inspiration for your work?

I find myself interested more in portrait photography. Joy, pain, confusion, confidence, toughness, beauty, etc.; This is why I do it. Billions of people on this earth, each have their own desires and fears; And here I am, with hopes of portraying that by freezing a frame of one’s life. I feel it is important, impactful to someone.

What would you say to prevent an upcoming artist from making the same mistakes you have made?

Take your time, find out what you really want to accomplish, and then invest in yourself. In that order. It will pay off down the road.

What obstacles have you faced as a Black Artist/Business Owner?

Thankfully, I happen to know a lot of great organizations and people (such as the Black&Gifted Blog) who want to make it their goal to put some spotlight on my beautiful black people. Even after 2 years, I feel like my journey as a upcoming photographer is just starting. Sure, I might get overlooked by some locals due to my blackness, but my talent and dedication to keep working WILL make me hard to pass on.

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