Stefon Hullum-Mhoon: Creating My Own Lane

Stefon is a 25 year old barber and entrepreneur from Blytheville, Arkansas. He's in his third year as a professional barber and seeks to save the next generation from the corrupt society we live in, one individual at a time.

image1Stefon Hullum-Mhoon | Age: 25 | Hometown: Blytheville, Arkansas

Tell us who you are and what you do!

My name is Stefon Hullum-Mhoon and I currently reside in Conway, Arkansas. This is my third year as a professional barber and since this profession became my foundation, I’ve been able to maximize my creating ability in a couple new areas such as my non-profit Faded Inc., my clothing line NuMhoon Clothing, and helping others develop solid marketing ideas for their business with Prestige Cuts.

I’m an entrepreneur with an creative drive to redefine what it is to be black in America, let alone a black male! Solid in faith and my spirituality I know through one of my many talents whether it’s barbering, music, art, acting or just motivating others, I can reach my full potential in showing and not just telling my brothers and sisters what can be done when you’re fully in tune with self.

I got into barbering really because of art and fashion. At first, it was just a hustle for me to keep money in my pocket while I pursued a career in basketball. Shortly after my third year of college I had my second little girl and basketball wasn’t paying me. I tried the 9 to 5 thing, but me working for another company to capitalize off of my talent just wasn’t me. It pushed me to go get my license and when I did I started to gain a lot of support from friends and family. As I began to take barbering a little more serious I noticed the peace it brought me similar to when I would go hoop after a stressful day. It allowed me a chance to create looks that people could be confident about when they wanted to make a good impression or just go out. The more I did it the better I became and now it just feels like people enjoy my form of art. I appreciate how it allows me to connect with all kinds of people from white, black, rich or poor.

I have two daughters ages four and three and between them and their mother, I’ve been pushed to a greater purpose! Through my fashion line, barber profession, and non-profit I plan to inspire as much of the youth as possible. Society has become a lot harder for people of color and I plan to make a change one day at a time starting with myself. By enhancing my brain with knowledge of self awareness, self love and peace. Not only that, but studying the conditions we are in now and how we got here will allow me to properly educate myself. By doing so, I can apply it to my life and let people view me as an example of how it’s suppose to be done in hopes to spark a light in our culture so that we can save the next generation from this corrupt society. This will happen one cut at a time with every individual that sits in my chair!


What is the inspiration for your work?

“My job is to educate on life, inspire the youth and create better opportunities for black leaders, entrepreneurs, husbands, and fathers without having to conform to a society that does not accept us for who we are.”

The inspiration for my work comes from the manipulative ways of this world and how it’s held us mentally hostage forever. From the false ideas of success, education, jobs, history and religion on down to the condition my family has to be raised in due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of what’s going on in this society is what drives me to do what I do.

Am I perfect? Not by far, but that alone won’t stop me from striving to be. Being a barber is a VERY important role in the black community being that through our most difficult times in America, barbershops and salons were the only safe place for men and women to go and discuss plans for development of the community without being looked at as a terroristic threat. It was and still is the pillar of the community!

I feel honored to be a barber and entitled to leave my mark here like Martin Luther King & brother Malcolm X. Me being a leader and seeing people inspired by it drives me to do more. My father was well aware of the obstacles I would face as black male in America and often reminded me of what he went through as a kid to instill the seriousness of the role I would take on. His lack of education and experiences with corporate America limited him to the things he could teach me about the real world so he was normally frustrated thinking I may not understand.

In Blytheville, Arkansas your resources for getting out would rely on you being an exceptional athlete, music artist or academic scholar in which in my area is slim to none unless you know somebody that knows somebody. I know that will stop with our generation, we will beat all odds and create resources for black men and women, teens and kids to be all they can be without limitations or financial limits from institutions that aren’t designed for life’s development. My job is to educate on life, inspire the youth and create better opportunities for black leaders, entrepreneurs, husbands, and fathers without having to conform to a society that does not accept us for who we are. My profession will inspire truth and mental freedom from this capitalistic world.

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