Idle Kid: No Time Or Space For Negativity

Idle Kid is a 22 year old music producer from Little Rock, Arkansas. He has worked with a variety of artists from Kid Cudi, Solo Jaxon and Goon Des Garcons to name a few. He has an ear for anything and describes his music style as "helter skelter".

Tell us who you are and what you do!

My name is Idle Kid and I am a music producer. I have produced for numerous artists such as Kid Cudi, PARRI$, Solo Jaxon & Goon Des Garçons. I’ve lived everywhere from Jacksonville, Sherwood, North Little Rock and Little Rock. But, the places I grew up didn’t really influence my decisions as far as being an artist.

I decided to make music when I was in college and it got to a point where I wasn’t feeling school and making music was the main thing that made me happy. I decided to put more effort into making music and being happy rather than going to school. My dad didn’t agree with it at all but him being a parent, it was very understandable. I just had to prove to him that I can and will do this. One thing I learned from that conflict was that you have to always fight for your vision even when others don’t agree with it.

The earlier stages of my life pre-constructed me doing what I do now, from listening to different spectrums of music at a young age, being in the studio with my father and actually making music as a child. I’ve always been submerged in the likes of music and the early stages of the creation of it, so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when I decided to do just that.

My goal for the near future is to basically capitalize off of myself. I know that I can do more and have more to offer to people, and with that being said, that is exactly what I plan to do.

What is the inspiration for your work?

I’m inspired every single day! But the three major inspirations that I have are films, music itself and the people that I surround myself around.  

At a young age I listened to a wide variety of music. My dad played basically everything and the things he was listening to was what I was listening to. He listened to artists such as Public Enemy, Black Sabbath, and everything else aside from Hip Hop and Rock. He introduced me to the Gorillaz. To sum it up, the music I was listening to then and now inspires me.

I am surrounded by my friends every day and all of them are either artists, designers, writers, musicians, photographers etc. And by me observing my friends do what they love and doing it effectively is more than enough inspiration that I need for me to dominate in what I love and live for. Short films and their music scores also inspire me. I’ve always wanted to score a short film.

What motivates me the most about creating music would be the early stages of creating it, learning techniques to better my craft and people enjoying the finished product. When I see people going crazy or just enjoying the music that I put my heart into, the reassurance and joy that I get from that is overwhelming. It just gives me a better reason to keep going.

The style of the music that I create has been described as “helter skelter”. I love creating industrial sounds, like the sounds that would normally be heard on a construction site, from sirens to the clanking of metal and roars of machines. I take the thought of that sound and just basically arrange them in coherence to heavy metal sounding synths with drum patterns that would normally be heard in rap songs to give it that swing that I personally love to hear.

I have an ear for anything. If it sounds good to me, I can rock with it regardless. I feel like having an ear for different or out of the norm stuff can give you an advantage or the upper hand in music as far as creating it. You can introduce something new to the plate and widen your range as an artist. I love to be introduced to new sounds first as a fan of music and as a producer I would love to do the same for other genuine fans of music. I can’t say if something doesn’t work for me simply because I feel like I would be limiting myself and my capabilities. At the end of the day nobody should be limited at what they can do because that keeps you leveled and I want to keep progressing.

I can’t say that I have a favorite person to work with necessarily just because everybody that I have worked with all have a special characteristic about them that I like so much. For example with Solo Jaxon, his drive is impeccable and Goon Des Garcon’s creativity is just wild. The only difference between them and others that I have worked with is the relationship that I built with them personally. I would love to, in the near future, be able to build personal relationships with artists that I work with and are interested in my work simply because I feel it makes everything better as far as creating, comfort etc. goes.

Earlier last year I flew out to meet with Anthony Kilhoffer, a grammy winning engineer and producer. He’s worked with a numerous amount of artists that I love listening to and was interested in the music that Goon Des Garcons and I were creating. And after that trip and meeting we kept in touch and he played one of my beats for Kid Cudi and it went from there. It was very fulfilling then and now as a producer because Kid Cudi is one artist that I have always looked up to.

As a producer I’ve progressed in different ways and as a person I would say that I am more aware of the importance of being social and how that helps especially in my line of work that I do. Being social has been one huge component in working with the people I work with.

What would you say to prevent an upcoming artist from making the same mistakes you have made?

Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from others’ mistakes also. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. At the end of the day you learn from them and it makes you a better you. There is always going to be room for growth so don’t be afraid. Also, there is no time or space for negativity. That being said, stay positive and put out positivity and you’ll be good always.

What obstacles have you faced as a Black Artist/Business Owner?

I can’t say that I’ve had to overcome any obstacles being a black artist. The obstacles that I’ve had to overcome were more so internal obstacles. You can be your worst critic at times and that’s normal. The only way to deal with that is to just always be positive and know that you’re more special and important than you think you are. Again, there is no time or space for negativity.

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