A Biracial Perspective On The Black Lives Matter Movement

Are you biracial? Multiracial? Got some Black in you? Then this energizing article is for you. Black Lives need you. Regardless of your trade and talents, we have work to do.

Biracial? Multiracial? Got some Black in you? Then this article is for you. Whether you look Black, mixed, white, Asian or otherwise, or if you have (a) Black family member(s) – you would do what it takes to protect them at all costs, right? Because that’s what love denotes – looking out for the betterment and protection of a person. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Black Lives Matter Movement is an organized movement to protect the lives of Black people. Killing sprees have been running rampant among our communities. Police brutality has killed tons of Black Lives – Black Lives who mattered. This applies to you as a biracial or multiracial Black person, just like it does to monoracial Black people, whether directly (most likely if you look ethnically Black), or indirectly (if you could pass for another ethnicity). Black is beautiful in all of its various forms. There is no limit to the beauty of Blackness. Protect your heritage. Protect your peoples. 

Whether it is marching for a cause, writing, art, graphic design, or some other form of media to get the word out there, you are needed in The Movement. Not everyone is a marcher. Not everyone is a writer. Not everyone is an artist; some people are scientists and mathematicians. Work in your area to advance the lives of Black people. 

Although this can be hard, or seem impossible, know that you’re needed. Let’s say you have an identity crisis as a mixed person. The Black Lives Matter Movement still applies to you. You may not be (for a lack of better terms) all the way Black, but the word “Black” still applies to you in some shape or form.

So, know your place in the Black Lives Matter Movement. Love yourself. Protect yourself. And again, protect your peoples.


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