Wilmington Delaware Artist Discusses Being A Professional Painter And Entrepreneur

Interview: Terrance Vann Details Journey To Becoming A Full-Time Artist, The Power Of Museums, And Black Arts

Terrance Vann, also known as Terranceism, is an artist and entrepreneur from Wilmington, Delaware. While enrolled at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, he began to see the dynamic differences between himself, his peers, and his teachers—privilege, riches, and a lack of authenticity. In this interview, Terrance provides a raw perspective on his journey to becoming a full-time artist, the power that museums hold in the art world, and owning the Black imagination.

Gena Bushnell Empowers Women Through Platform Give Girls Flowers

Interview: Gena Bushnell Is Empowering Women Through Platform Give Girls Flowers

Gena Bushnell is the founder of Give Girls Flowers, an inclusive and empowering wellness community for women of all backgrounds. She says, “I think that women don’t get their flowers for all that they do—all the hard work they put in, all the long hours, all the selflessness, and all the things that women endure that they don’t often get recognition for. I just wanted to create something that allowed a space for that.”

Ashtone Dixon Discusses Being A Master Cosmetologist

Interview: Ashtone Dixon Discusses Being A Master Cosmetologist And The Importance Of Being A Student Of The Game

“Everything I do, I don’t care what it is, I take it seriously,” says Ashtone Dixon, a Master Cosmetologist located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Ashtone’s creativity paired with her grit and determination makes her a force to be reckoned with. In this interview, Ashtone discusses how vital it is to commit oneself to being a student of the game, something she believes will allow anyone—no matter the role—to be successful. “There are higher levels of licensing that I want to get as a stylist, that doesn’t mean I know everything. I’m continuously learning,” she says. Growth is inevitable and being open to new information will take you a long way!

Lia Washington Talks Journey As An Arkansas Realtor

Interview: Lia Washington Talks Journey As An Arkansas Realtor

Lia Washington is an Arkansas realtor whose path wasn’t always clear. Lia grew tired of her retail sales job and sought new opportunities in real estate. Change isn’t always easy and Lia was met with adversity, which she now embraces. “My challenges were more so mental. I was so afraid of being seen as a novice and trying to convince everyone that I knew what I was doing. In reality, I did not have a clue—being a realtor is all about trial and error. Experience is honestly the best teacher; no two transactions will be the same.”