Lia Washington Talks Journey As An Arkansas Realtor

Interview: Lia Washington Talks Journey As An Arkansas Realtor

Lia Washington is an Arkansas realtor whose path wasn’t always clear. Lia grew tired of her retail sales job and sought new opportunities in real estate. Change isn’t always easy and Lia was met with adversity, which she now embraces. “My challenges were more so mental. I was so afraid of being seen as a novice and trying to convince everyone that I knew what I was doing. In reality, I did not have a clue—being a realtor is all about trial and error. Experience is honestly the best teacher; no two transactions will be the same.”

Little Rock Arkansas Barber Talks Journey To Entrepreneurship And Breaking Mindsets

Interview: Stephen Greene Talks BeUnique, Journey To Entrepreneurship, And Breaking Mindsets

Stephen Greene is a master barber, entrepreneur, and owner of BeUnique, a grooming lounge located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Despite his setbacks, Stephen took the initiative to bring his ideas to life and applied for a business license prior to starting barber school. His advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs: “Mindsets are meant to be broken. So if we break our mindset and we know that we are unique we can create and do anything.”

Long Island Painter And Chemist Talks Brand And Representation In Art

Interview: Vanessa Lamb Highlights The Importance Of Representation In Art And Talks Career As A Painter And Chemist

Vanessa Lamb is a painter and chemist from Long Island, New York. Vanessa’s love for both the arts and science have happily married— Vanessa works as an Associate Scientist for Clinique R&D and also manages her personal brand, Expressions By Van where she devotes her time to painting vibrant pieces inspired by loved ones, the Black community, and her surroundings.