Mervin Toussaint Discusses Debut EP, Another Name For Everything

Interview: Mervin Toussaint Discusses Debut EP, “Another Name For Everything”

Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Mervin Toussaint discusses his debut EP, “Another Name For Everything,” his artistic journey thus far, and so much more.

Jake Doe Discusses New Music And Journey As An Independent Artist In Nigeria

Interview: Jake Doe Discusses New Music And Journey As An Independent Artist In Nigeria

Jake Doe is an independent R&B artist from Lagos, Nigeria. When referencing his upbringing he explains, “it’s a lot harder out here compared to western countries—structure, government, the system is just messed up out here. Young people, youths, do not have the right platforms to use or to make good use of their creativity.” Despite this, his love for where he comes from isn’t diminished. He speaks boldly of the talent that the great continent of Africa possesses, “the world knows Africa for Afrobeats, but it’s not just Afrobeats… we can do almost anything.”

Lafayette Taylor Talks New Music And Houston Texas Recording Studio 1SoundVibe

Interview: Lafayette Taylor Talks “FTSU” Single, Being CEO Of 1SoundVibe Studios, And Working With R&B Legends H-Town

As the proud owner of 1SoundVibe Studios, one of the top ten studios in Houston, Lafayette Taylor’s love for music does include recording. This year he has released a string of singles including his biggest single to date, “FTSU.” He talks about his music, his studio, and working with 90’s R&B legends H-Town.