cur8: Playlists

Listen to tailored playlists brought to by our cur8tors!

cur8 is our way of exposing you to new sounds. This platform is special because of the unique partnership we have with music enthusiasts who are committed to providing tailored experiences through music.

The Cur8tors

Apple Music Playlists

Black Pride

Music for us, by us.

For Girls Only and For Guys Only

This playlist is meant to heighten your mood. Press play for a boost of confidence or good vibes when you’re coolin’ it with the squad.

Heaven Come Down

Heaven Come Down is meant to highlight the diversity in worship and to usher you into that intimate moment between you and God.

Higher Yearning

Higher Yearning is an exploratory examination of the songs that black higher education grads and professional staff chose when presented with a meme.


Sit back, relax and let the music bring you to a place of calmness.

Old Skool Classics

Call the family over, light the pit and dance the night away.

Spotify Playlists

Old Head

This exhaustive collection of songs is inspired by moments I shared with my Grandfather and the life I imagine he lived before I existed. It’s a groovy musical.

Reset For Gratitude

We’re growing through a lot right now. But regardless of the trials and tribulations of the present, we have our light. Play this to reframe, reset, and groove.