Black&Gifted is a platform where black creatives can thrive, be heard and be supported. Founded on June 1, 2016 by Terrionna Brockman, Black&Gifted seeks to create positive change within the black community.  If you are a creative, “we got you!” It is important that WE have the opportunity to speak our minds, display our talents and make connections!

| Terrionna Brockman, 23

Why did I create Black&Gifted? Well, that’s a good question. I follow a great number of “Black Blogs” (the art ones) on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr and as a follower of the blogs I was never able to connect with other artists the way I wanted. It was always a fight for exposure, which I hated. If there’s something you wish existed then create it, right? With that being said, I decided to create my own space where I could connect with other talented black artists. Black&Gifted is a platform where those, like myself, have the opportunity to speak on their passions, display their talents and make connections!

I am a graduate of Arkansas Tech University where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a minor in Spanish. I like to think of myself as a creative. I’m interested in a plethora of things and I don’t want to be placed in a box. I have many talents and I’m always searching for ways to utilize all of them.