Reggie Becton Discusses Being An Artist In Los Angeles And New Music

Interview: Reggie Becton Discusses Being An Artist In Los Angeles, Rewriting The Narrative Of Masculinity, And Latest Single, “Listenin'”

Reggie Becton is an LA based R&B singer, originally from PG County, Maryland. In this interview he discusses relocating from PG County to Los Angeles, rewriting the narrative of masculinity, and his latest release, “Listenin”.

Central Arkansas DJ P Smooth Talks Becoming A DJ And Career Takeaways

Interview: DJ P Smooth Talks Becoming A DJ And Career Takeaways

Fort Smith, Arkansas native, DJ P Smooth never envisioned himself as the center of attention. Yet, his passion for music and drive to push Arkansas’ music forward is undeniable. Inspired by his father and the lack of representation of Arkansas’ music scene, DJ P Smooth shifted gears and was set on becoming a professional DJ. When speaking on Arkansas’ music scene he says, “I was always taught that if I wanted something to change, I had the power to change it, and pushing Arkansas music is one thing I stand on.” DJ P Smooth also shares insight on how he got started and gives advice for up-and-coming DJs.

Little Rock Arkansas Barber Talks Journey To Entrepreneurship And Breaking Mindsets

Interview: Stephen Greene Talks BeUnique, Journey To Entrepreneurship, And Breaking Mindsets

Stephen Greene is a master barber, entrepreneur, and owner of BeUnique, a grooming lounge located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Despite his setbacks, Stephen took the initiative to bring his ideas to life and applied for a business license prior to starting barber school. His advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs: “Mindsets are meant to be broken. So if we break our mindset and we know that we are unique we can create and do anything.”

Jordan Hush Talks His Influences Writing And New Music

Interview: Jordan Hush Talks His Influences, Writing And New Music

Jordan Hush is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. His emotive R&B sound is guaranteed to set the mood or have you reflect on past or current relationships. In this interview, Hush opens up about how the women in his life sparked his musical influence, writing his first song at fifteen, struggles as an independent artist and new music.