Texas Entrepreneur Discusses Fitness Fatherhood And Roofing

Interview: Demetris Ford Talks Fitness, Entrepreneurship, And Fatherhood

Demetris Ford is an entrepreneur with confidence that is so contagious. The Magnolia, Arkansas native and now Dallas, Texas resident flexes his versatility in various industries from fitness to roofing.

Wilmington Delaware Artist Discusses Being A Professional Painter And Entrepreneur

Interview: Terrance Vann Details Journey To Becoming A Full-Time Artist, The Power Of Museums, And Black Arts

Terrance Vann, also known as Terranceism, is an artist and entrepreneur from Wilmington, Delaware. While enrolled at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, he began to see the dynamic differences between himself, his peers, and his teachers—privilege, riches, and a lack of authenticity. In this interview, Terrance provides a raw perspective on his journey to becoming a full-time artist, the power that museums hold in the art world, and owning the Black imagination.