Olanzo Carver: Get To Know Me Through My Music

Olanzo Carver uses music as a way to express himself and invites you to get to know him through his music.

Tell us who you are and what you do!

My name is Olanzo Carver and I am a recording artist at All Out Entertainment. I’ve come to find that music is the very best way to express myself at whatever it may be that I am going through at that time, whether it be past or present. If you don’t ever get to meet me, or know me personally, you can definitely get to know me very well through my music. You will experience my happiness, struggle, sadness, real life situations, and all of the emotional ups and downs that I come with. I take pride in what I do and I do it to the fullest every time that I get a chance.

What is the inspiration for your work?

Growing up I always saw my late cousin Jamyll (Cane Carver) always recording and doing music. He was initially the one that really introduced me to the craft of making/producing music and how everything works. He was much older than me, I would say by about 7-8 years but that didn’t really matter to me at all. I can say that it started out as a bonding type thing that we had, being that is how we actually met for the first time.

I shortly started to take those multiple miniature crash course lessons into my own hands and decided to swim by myself. I was convinced that music was something that I wanted to do, and eventually it got to the point where I would always skip class (even in college) to go into the studio to record music and to gain as much knowledge as I could about everything.

I just happened to stick with it and my love for the craft grew on its own. So, now whenever I decide to release new music, or work on a project I most definitely think of him as inspiration to not give up no matter what and to always keep pushing forward no matter the situation. I know that’s what he would do and I’m for sure that is what he would want me to do. If you’re not going all out, then what are you doing it for?

What would you say to prevent an upcoming artist from making the same mistakes you have made?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone that is farther along than you are. That is some of the best advice that you will receive. Technically, I believe that there are no mistakes in learning because that is exactly what you are doing, learning. I would rather mess up going full speed rather than mess up going half speed at something that I want to do. Also, if you invest in yourself and believe, you will succeed in whatever it is you are trying to do. If you don’t believe in yourself then no one else will.

What obstacles have you faced as a Black Artist/Business Owner?

I would say just being able to overcome the negativity in general. People, and even family will try to tell you what you they think that you should do for yourself, and how you should do it. I have been told things like “I don’t think this is what is best for you” or “Do something that is more guaranteed,” or just flat out don’t like what it is I am doing. In retrospect nothing is ever guaranteed, and not everyone is going to approve of your decisions.  From what I know no one starts out as “The man” or “The Woman” right off of the top, you have to work for it. But you do have the option to choose who you allow into your circle, and the people you decide to associate yourself with. Controversy is real, but it is about how you handle it.


Black Spring EP is my official debut studio project that I have released to start my catalog under my label All Out Entertainment. It is a 6 song EP that is available for purchase at all digital music retailers. (i.e. iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify etc.) Released on March 31,2016, The Black Spring EP features production from producers such as Kwestion, Kennion Gulley, and B.G and was recorded by Damarcus “Theme Musiq” Pettus and Michael “Turnpike” Carvell and mixed and mastered by Michael “Turnpike” Carvell, both of All Out Entertainment. There is a previous compilation of mixtapes known as the “Weekly Entertainment” series that is free and available for download via bandcamp prior to the release of the Black Spring EP.

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